The Ford Dimension

The Ford Dimension began in 1975 with a pilot group of 4 seniors from West High School. It has evolved since then into a 10 member board that continues to foster business-youth communication but with an emphasis on career development, business ethics and “service over self.” The Ford Dimension and Dream Builders have combined meetings and collaborate to create significant community projects that meet a community need. In 2016, a 40th Ford Dimension anniversary celebration was held. Join us in a walk down memory lane in the slideshow and timeline below.



Luncheon meetings are also scheduled with elected government officials, corporate Ford executives, and Rotary members. Additionally, students have the opportunity to attend the 2nd largest prayer breakfast in the nation where one Ford Dimension student presents a prayer for educators and students.


We now have over 500 Ford Dimension Alumni whose careers range from Director of the New York Stock Exchange, International VP of Coors, Commander of the nuclear minesweeper –Kingfisher, Catholic priest, pro football, baseball, and basketball players, authors, actors, musicians, doctors, lawyers, educators and terrific moms and dads.

In 1995, the Ford Dimension Alumni honored Jim Burke with the establishment of an education foundation in his name.

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