Class of 209


Class of 2019 Dream Builders and Ford Dimension Students

Introducing the 2018-2019 class of Ford Dimension and Dream Builder student leaders. These 32 achieving high school juniors will be part of our youth leadership programs during their senior year. Together they will continue the legacy of Jim Burke’s generosity and civic spirit by developing and implementing four significant community service projects. Welcome to our Ford Family, class of 2019!

Ford Dimension

Claire Champagne - Foothill
Amador Gallardo - East
Naomi Jennings - Stockdale
Margo Kuney - BHS
Naveen Mathew - Centennial
Payton Renz - Liberty
Nathan Roodzant - BCHS
Jessica Stump - BCHS
Fernando Tello - Highland
Shotaro Yamaguchi - Ridgeview

Dream Builder

Quintin Arretche - Garces
Josh Aubin - Centennial
Alyssa Bell - Independence
Evan Berry - Garces
Udayvir Birdi - BCHS
Nayeli Camacho - Golden Valley
Alexander Castro - Centennial
Macy Cholometes - Stockdale
Sydney Crabtree - Independence
Sean Crowley - BHS
Valeria Fuentes - Highland
Karen Hinojosa - Mira Monte
Daniel Kim - West
Noemi Martinez - Mira Monte
Nikka Padilla - Frontier
Mark Pandol - Garces
Carson Parks - BHS
Isela Pina - South
Serena Rojas - Independence
Charles Rous - BHS
Edneishia Tucker - West
Jack Waite - Liberty